Seven-Time NY Times Bestselling Author Hits TC July 9

Traverse City gets a rare treat July 9 when bestselling author Harlan Coben visits the National Writers Series. With 60 million of his books in print and seven straight New York Times number-one bestsellers in a row, Coben is one of the most prolific and commercially successful authors in the world. He’s also relaxed, engaging, down to earth and grateful for family and fans.

Such an enthusiastic response to his thriller novels, he admits, “changes life,” but he said it doesn’t change the hard work of writing.

“Writing can be tortuous. I still sit there staring at a blank page and thinking I’m out of ideas and can’t write anymore. It happens all the time,” he said.

Eventually, he pulls it all together. “I don’t like writing, but I like having written,” he said. “Most of the euphoria comes in getting it done.” Read the full article

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